The Virtual Library of Bibliographic Heritage’s collection of teaching resources brings together treatises that support pedagogical theories and teaching practices, as well as materials such as prints, slides, notebooks, manuals, etc., which have served, and in many cases continue to serve, the fields of learning and education. All of this constitutes the educational memory of many generations as well as a valuable source on the history of education in Spain. It is also a set of educational resources that is available to students and teachers alike.


Much of this permanent collection stems from the digitisation carried out by the General Subdirectorate for Library Coordination of the libraries of Historical Secondary Schools.

These secondary schools were officially created in 1845, one per province, with the exception of Madrid, where two were established: the San Isidro Secondary School and the Cardinal Cisneros Secondary School. In 1857, the Law on Public Education established the creation of a library in each secondary school.

Among the material that should be highlighted are the collections of lantern slides from the Cardinal Cisneros Secondary School and the glass plates from various secondary schools (San Isidro, Cardenal Cisneros, El Greco, Isabel la Católica, etc.). Not all of the cartographic material from the Virtual Library of Bibliographic Heritage has been included in this collection, as it would have made it too large. This material can be found in the map library section, accessible from the search page.


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