The Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliográfico offers its users as of today (May 2021) a rich selection of works that form part of the Spanish bibliographic heritage, including some 24,000 printed books, 2,500 manuscripts, more than 5,000 cartographic materials (plans, maps or atlases), 84,000 photographic materials (photographs, postcards, slides, glass plates, etc.), and other materials that can be found in libraries such as drawings, engravings, sheet music, etc.

Theseworks have been digitised thanks to the collaboration of 115 Spanish libraries, most of them public libraries.

Although the Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliográfico offers bibliographies, sections, exhibitions or microsites of some of its main collections, the large volume of the library, which grows year by year, means that many works of great interest go unnoticed. Through this exhibition we want to bring to light some of these works, which are remarkable for their literary or graphic quality, rarity, curiosity, antiquity or historical importance.

We will divide this exhibition into several sections. Firstly, a presentation of particularly valuable or interesting manuscripts, secondly, a selection of printed works, thirdly, a section showing particularly curious or rare contents, followed by a section on treatises on trades, of which there are very interesting and well-illustrated books in our library. Finally, there will be sections for outstanding cartographic and graphic materials.


- Manuscritos

- Obras de interés histórico, literario, técnico o científico

- Obras maestras



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