Virtual Library of
Bibliographical Heritage

Introduction SRU/SRW Server

SRU ( Search/Retrieve via URL ) is a standard protocol for search and retrieval that uses the Internet to search databases using CQL (Common Query Language), a formal language for representing queries. SRW is a variant of SRU in which the messages are sent from the client to the server not through a URL but using XML over HTTP. SRW, according to the W3C recommendation, uses SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol that specifies how to encapsulate a message in an XML scheme. The SRW standard seeks to adhere to the web services interoperability guidelines

These protocols are maintained by the Library of Congress , the use of which is also promoted by the IFLA ICABS programme. The Virtual Library of Bibliographical Heritage is therefore available for reference purposes and for record retrieval using these protocols which, together with the abovementioned OAI, are part of the basic architecture of the Biblioteca Digital Europea

The address of the SRU/SRW server of this Virtual Library of Bibliographical Heritage is

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